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It seems like the whole Europe is covered with clouds and rain. I have also a feeling that many people experience strong thunder storms inside. Here are some of my suggestions how to overcome rainy days. Stay fashion.

P.S. On the picture my favorite painting – The Umbrellas, by Renoir, I love when it rains!!


I hate umbrellas. It annoys me to carry them around and usually I never have one with when it rains. However it only cause I dont have one of those extra luxurious umbrellas. My top choice Alexander McQueen. And U carry this umbrella even on the sunniest day.

Gucci BurberryVivienne WestwoodMoschino Chip&ChicLouis Vuitton

Marc by Marc Jacobs

There is also a wide selection of rain boots. I personally still love Gucci Ankle Boots which I was too late to buy in my size. But they are the most beautiful rain footwear I have ever seen.

Stella McCartney,  actually a good alternative to GucciBurberry



And a final piece.. Louis Vuitton Raincoat.. Really a masterpiece which allows you to wear anything you want in a rain and to a question – What is this plastic you are wearing, say – Louis Vuitton bitch!