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Fashion and H&M.. Fashion and H&M???  Well, yes. Since so many Luxury Fashion Labels did their collections for H&M, since there is hardly any person on earth who has never worn something from H&M, since it’s name is just as known as PRADA, I say, yes, H&M is fashion. Personally I wear pieces from H&M, which are the most close to my body, i.e.       t-shirts. Now David Beckham launches his Bodywear and Marni Spring Summer Collection for H&M.

I am not excited about David’s bodywear, I am also not very excited about his body in this photoshoot, somehow my ex looks much more fit than Beckham does at the moment. But what makes him very hot in my eyes – his tattoos. I just find most of them beautiful and meaningful. But a post on that later.

 Marni for H&M, however, promises to be very exciting. Marni is an italian Label lead by Consuelo Castiglioni since 1994. It is very famous for big and sort of naive pattern, straight and not complicated cut. Here are some powerful looks from SS12.

You can see from a video, that a coming collection will be in bright great colors and prints, cut will stay clear and straight as always. I suggest you go to a store and get yourself couple pieces from Mrs. Castiglioni for a reasonable price. Collection launch is on the 8th of March. 

P.S. > Marni is already 9th Luxury Label which collaborates with H&M. It all started with Kalr Lagerfeld in 2004, followed by Stella McCartney in 2005, Viktor & Rolf in 2006, Roberto Cavalli in 2007, Comme des Garcons in 2008, Jimmy Choo in 2009, Sonja Rykiel in Feb 2010 and Lanvin in Nov 2010, Versace in Nov 2011… Who is going to be NO 10?