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I woke up really early today… To start my day with some news from international Vogues web pages… The first to catch my eye – Claudia Schiffer launches now 2nd collection, Spring Summer 2012. Very exciting, isn’t it. She is a model, who has worn all sorts do designer clothes, a person who really should have a sense of style and fashion. So I looked up the pieces and nearly cried. And..where is fashion? All I can see, mom’s clumsy dresses, ridiculous tops and some more out of order dresses. Partly in cashmere, at a  ridiculously expensive price and insane color blocking. Later on I read that she creates comfortable clothes, as she is  a mummy of 3 children and has to feel comfortable. Well, I gotta say, if you have 3 children, then the chance that you look like Claudia is 0.0, taking this fact into account, it was not very smart to design mostly knit dresses, as knit shows every single minor imperfection your children left you. And mom’s with 3 children dont wear cashmere dresses, they wear jeans and tops. I know it for a fact, I see those everyday. Talking about tops, linen, cashmere and cotton… like every piece in the collection. Style and coloring leaves to desire better.