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While doing my research for the next post devoted to shoes and bags in SS12, I found something very shocking. As I had to go through millions of pictures I realized that some model feet look very unattractive and for the most part ugly, I feel very disgusted. Hello?! Models are meant to be etalon of beauty and perfection, they only have to be some minutes on a runway, and I am sure it is very possible to make them look perfect, so what’s up with this??

Place #1 in my shocking list takes Louis Vuitton as it all started from that show where I first discovered ugly truth. Models look like they have some serious disease, like they spent the whole day in the field planting potatoes and had a show in the evening.

Place #2 takes Dior. Shoes are very pretty but they are all size or more smaller than models feet, so toes basically walk on the ground. mmmm, very sexy and comfy. A

I really dont feel now like doing a post on shoes, the moment is very much ruined, gotta heal my scars first, watch some pretty Jimmy Choo/ Christian Louboutin Commercial. Phui!