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Of course, when going to party, you wanna look the best ever, however watching some ladies yesterday, I would like to write some rules and comments about party outfits and looks:

Dear ladies, 

  • Rule one, the more you are covered, the sexier you appear.. Leave a room for a fantasy, no need to open up everything you have  (I felt sorry for those, who looked so.. lacking for clothes) .
  • Rule two, if you cannot dance on high heels the whole night, don’t wear them or take a pair of flats, do not jump bear feet by the end of the night  (Watching girls stepping on glass, dust, spilled drinks.. ah.. please don’t)
  • Rule three, wear something light, you are most probably going to sweat, so omit polyester and other synthetics, otherwise you will stink  (Really, keep it in mind, unless you use it to get more space for yourself on the dance floor and knit is not for clubs, leave those jumpers!)
  • Rule four, of course it is a night time, and you need to wear bright make up, but as I said, you are most probably going to sweat.. eye shadows all over your face…not cool!  (Don’t turn into pathetic mess)
  •  Rule five, whatever you do with your hair, make sure it will look good till the very end.. if you put it up, it should stay up, till you leave..(Don’t turn into pathetic mess)
  • Rule six, you can go as crazy on jewelry as you want, but if you do so, stay modest on outfit prints and make-up, xmas tree look is not in trend. (No xmas trees!)
  • Rule seven, wear comfortable outfit, so you can dance, sit, stand and take good pictures.. If you are not comfortable in a mini skirt.. (DON’T ever look cheap and available)

  • Rule eight, opening your tattoos is cool, but then again, wear something simple, you don’t want to look like an indian warrior. (Don’t turn into pathetic mess)
  • Rule nine, even if you are a very important person, a friendly look on your face should do it, don’t put those ‘Too cool for everything’ face expressions (I am the one who has problems controlling ‘too cool’ face, so I warn you)
  • Rule ten, know your limits and don’t cry in the toilets. x