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Yesterday, going to The Sartorialist I saw this picture.. Seems like an attractive girl to me, wearing stylish shoes and skeleton jacket, first it seems like rock & roll, cool and stylish, but then i realized, that actually, I personaly, am not ready to accept skeleton print as fashion, as well as I wouldn’t be willing to accept any other body parts.

However, I do see and wear skulls, as a fashion statement. Hardly any stores nowadays does not have a piece with a skull on it. Not to mention, that such fashion idol as McQueen used a skull as his signiture, famous and beloved Thomas Sabo has plenty of skulls in his collections every season, Cheap Monday also uses a variation of a skull.. Navyboot presented some of its SS12 Shoes on a skull (see picture) ..

How many of you would say no to a McQueen Scarf just because of its print? Many? Nope,
I dont think so.. All celebrities are eager to have an outfit including one.. So why is it, that skull turned into a fashion thing???.. If you wear a t-shirt with it, you are fashion.. I have read quite a few articles on it, and lots of people are talking about illuminati and their influence in this topic, but hello, illuminati comes up no matter what you discuss..

Funny enough, I am wearing my skull McQ today and feel happy about it..

What do you think?