I am a big fan of fashion reading, books and journals, any kind of press, online or on paper, is a must read daily. I am obviosuly a big Vogue Fan, trying to get as many internatioanal issues as I possibly can. Sometimes, I go for Harpers Bazaar, which is not easy to find in Germany, and also quite often for Elle. I gotta say, Elle beats Vogue several times a year in content, pictures and fashion shoots. So I decided to comment on fashion infos coming from Elle March issue (germany), which I found very informative.

 It starts with many Fashion commercials, mostly already known to us, but on one I gotta comment: Roberto Cavalli’s new fragrance.. Well I have tryed it… Sorry, but it smells like dill.. eactly that green gras you put into a soup to make it more appitizing.. Wearing it I felt like I was cooking and smelled like kitchen..


– Moving on, Fashion Event, if you happend to be in Paris from 9th of March till 16 of September you gotta visit exibition ‘Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs’ in parisien museum Les Arts Decoratifs. Some extraordinary outfits are going to be showed.. I guess it is worth looking at… I’ll be there, and will let you know..

– Very exciting for Louis Vuitton german fans , New Oppening, Neu Eröffnung, the first Louis Vuitton Maison in Germany will be opened in 2013 in Munich. 1300sm big, with 3 Levels, a first LV Storeconcept in Germany built like a house, with bars, living rooms and personal office, to make clientes feel like at home, while shopping for luxury VL products..


–   I said there is only one commercail I would want to comment, well I lied.. there is another one, Tara Jarmon’s summer collection campaign. Great colors, really clear cut, I really like the look, and would want it.. BUT, then I look at the shoes, and AGAIN! They are simply 2 sizes bigger than the feet and she is falling out of them.. It is a direct relation to my earlier post ‘Ugly truth’ and I feel very unhappy to see this mist again.. It really ruins the look and my excitment.. Why is it so challenging to shoot a perfect foto for a campaign? No such option as ‘shoes perfect fit’ in photoshop??


– Great and inspiring, summerly fresh photoshoot, inspired by ice-creem colors, check out here http://www.elle.de/Galerie/Eiszeit-Sorbet-Farben_1646289.html?startbild=1#galerieBild