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Fashion statement.. How often have you heard it? Many times.. and do you know what exactly is it?

When you try to stand out of a crowd, and look very different, so that everyone else looks at you, it is a statement.. but not fashion..

When you wear only labebs, brands, latest collection and maybe even couture, it is fashion… But not a statement..

Fashion statement is a way to express your life believes, attitueds and world perception, through fashion.. Meaning, banal example, vegetarians wearing only fake fur and leather…

Fashion Statement can be expressed with a help of one item only, e.g.






Kalr Legerfeld and Anna Wintour wear sun galsses inside, at night, in publice to stress their VIP status and unavailability for the rest of th world.








Anna Dello Russo and Lady GAGA are probably in the top ten Most Excentric Women alive list. They use their outfits in order to highlight their uniquness with their look.


There are quite a few people, who wear only black color, as a fashion statement, like artists, or painters, as it apparently helps to concentrate on other colors .. :S





You can own an item, which will be yours fashion statement, like 

‘I only wear PRADA bags’ 

whatever a statement behind it is…




I use my Jil Sander inspired beanie as my fashion statement, as a way of holding my privacy, even in a crowd, as a net keeps my private space, covering my face. I however can observe everything just as good as always.


Do you have a fashion statement?




P.S. What whatever your statement is, make sure it is worth stating.. x


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