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Must have of a season.. Must have this weekend.. Must have 2012..

What is a must have, who has decided it is a must, and a must for whom? Every magazine publishes its must haves every month, every second fashion blogger posts his/her musts, every brand has its must, and all fashion addicts MUST MUST MUST have it all… or do we?

No, I disagree! Must haves of this kind are just a marketing tool, created to sell new goods, or
the old ones, which went through some modifications.
When a company launches a new bag, perfume, nail polish, no matter how good or average it is, it has to sell good. For reasons, like high price, unusual shape, color, or ugliness of the product,  a group of marketing geniuses launches a whole program called “how to create a must have”. If you noticed, there was never a must have BMW, Rolex, or a diamond necklace. Must haves are usually affordable by everyone, but selling on a mass basis, it creative a big profit.
A company bombards celebrities with a product, makes pictures and publishes it, it negotiates articles with fashion magazines, who call a product a MUST have, they launch many commercials to influence our mind. Bloggers pick the gossip featuring a product on the web, and the fashion victims start wearing it, being further refeatured on a web. And boom, it is done, a new must have..
What a must have really used to be, before fashion industry got so about obsessed about profit, is really a set of basic things, which help to create a look, without which, you cannot imagine your wardrobe, and what everyone has/should have not because this though was put into our mind, but because it just makes sense!
Here we go, a real must have list, which is of course half individual, and half logical.
– A white, straight cut boyfriend shirt
– A basic white T-shirt, not too tights
– Black turtle neck tight to body sweater, cotton and cashmere
– Classy deep blue jeans, straight cut
– A little black dress
– Black smoking suit
– Black leather jacket
– Khaki or a beige trench
– A pencil skirt
– A black or creme silk top
– Black and beige flats or moccasins 
– Rider boots in black or brown
– White converse like sportswear
– Black evening heels
– Fancy clutch and a     chain middle size bag
With this list, you are pretty much a fashion forward one in any season, by picking up few seasonal hits to pump it up, you are dressed to impress.
P.S. Thank you Evelina Hromchenko for this list