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Well, dont get me started on it!

H&M and Luxury, firstly, hah, what a non sence, one of the biggest mass productions will also offer LUXURY.. Secondly, it will not only offer luxury, it is will also lauch it!


Luxury evolves itself, over a period of time, it becomes something more of what already exists… It is like a talent.. it is there, you can develop it into something big, but you cannot just obtain it out of no where..

So, this rumor, and future H&M’s luxury line, is just another confirmation, that luxury fashion has died a long time ago, when the whole fashion was turned into one big business.. Anything, that costs a lot of money, and has a brand name on it is, today, considered a luxury, while it majorly is produced in China, with the lowerst possible cost, and sold to us 10 times more expensive, as a luxury. If this is what H&M plans to do.. then well, in terms of 2012, it will be a chinese, mass produced luxury, and another way to show how ‘special’ you are, to be able to pay the goods.

Think what luxury really is, and stop saying that someone can just launch it!