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Even if you are not a big fashion maniac, even if name Anna Dello Russo alone doesn’t tell you much, you still would recognize her. A person who became famous couple years ago, due to her extravagant outfit, which were featured in street style blog TheSartorialist. ADR doesn’t just wear clothes from runways, she actually collects it. This is why she declares it is plus 15 in her house the whole years round, to keep her treasure in a perfect shape.

Lady GAGA of the Fashion Week, Fashion Peacock, Fashion Obsessed, Passionate Fashionista… Anna Dello Russo likes wearing clothes just as it was presented on a runway, never wears one outfit twice, changes 2 to 4 times a day during a fashion week, has a whole flat to store her clothes and owns more that 4000 pairs of shoes.

Born in Bari (Italy), in 1962 (49 years old), Anna loved fashion from her childhood, getting clothes from all possible sources, as she wanted to be fashion. This is where her famous “I don’t want to be cool, I want to be fashion” came from. Miss Dello Russo has a bachelor degree in  Italian Literature and Art History. Started  working at one fashion magazine, she got quickly enough to italian Vogue (where she worked for 12 years), which eventually has led to her current position, as a creative director in a Japanese Vogue. Funny enough, neither she, nor Japanese Vogue were famous, before Scott Schuman (TheSartorialist) started taking pictures of her in NY, Milan and Paris. Since then, it seems like Anna is trying to catch up all that lack of attention in the past, constantly wearing new shocking/ridiculous outfits, including cherries and melons on her had. 49 year old italian admits, that sometimes she does feel like a clown, but that’s the point.

ADR is not married, she doesn’t have kids. She has a boyfriend and a dog;her own perfume and a blog (where in fact she/her team occasionally posts some handy fashion advices). Anna has also been a good friend of Dolce and Gabbana for ages, loving the brad and startling her clothes collection from it 20 years ago.

Apart from that, Anna is a big Yoga fan, and according to her interview to the New York Times in 2010, she spends 3 hours daily for it. Same source also writes, that ADR is not receiving her clothes, she buys it herself, clearly, a woman has a lot of time and money. I also have a feeling, that she does not have so much work to do.

Many people call Anna stylish. Well, RunwayReportx disagrees! Anna is fashionable, not stylish.. and yes, there is a difference. Fashion is what designers create and present us 4 times a year, style is what we choose from that selection. Anna doesn’t choose much. She wears outfits exactly the way they were put together and showed on a runway, because it is already beautiful and ADR doesn’t see a reason to change it (which proves my point).

It is obvious, that Anna does have a sense of style, a talent to fashion, and an idea about trends. But, of course, Anna Dello Russo doesn’t wear runway outfits just because she wants to be fashion. Just like most of the human kind she wants attention and recognition, this is why she comes up with the most crazy outfits and has enough courage to go outside like this (even if feeling like a clown). After all, this     one woman show has become her  full time job.