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Name:    Jeans
Age:    139 years old
Social Status:   A must have
Originally worn by 18th century gold diggers, as a strong and long lasting wear, and never left our wardrobes since…
How many do you have? As s person, who is not that much into jeans, I have bought 5 pairs in the last 10 month..
Jeans are our friends, when we fell down and really into mix and match.. they are always there, when you put on couple pounds and dont feel really fit anymore.. It is always a big tragedy if the shrink, or loose a color…
So lets go over some rules which would help to keep our favorite jeans alive for a long time..
Care – as a fashion insider, I can tell, the best thing – not to wash jeans ever.. the moment you wash them, they are not really the same jeans anymore.. Of course it is a ridiculous thing, but you should try and wash them as least as possible.. Also, dont be lasy and do it with your hands, not in a washing mashine.. And inseide out of course.. No tumble dry and do not hang in the su, or a heater.
Stocking – have a separate place for your jeans, the best in one pile.. do not squeese them, just fold them together in 3 parts. It is the best when you sort by the color.. No, not because you are a fashion freak, but because raw denim can dye its neighbours.. It is also a good thing, when your wardrobe is in a cool room, the colder the better, up tp 15 C degrees.
Wearing – there are thouthands of colors and forms, choose the one which you like first, you also should have just a normal dark blue straight cut jeans, those are classics, you can always wear them. Of course follow a trend you like and get a pair of those, however, I wouldnt go for a really expensive ones, as a trend is a short lasting thing, and buying something expensive to wear it for three month is just not worth it. However, invest good money into one ‘forever intrend’ pair. Those should highlight all you good qualities and hide what should be hiden.
Fits – all jeans are divided into 34 main fits. Straight fit – the leg goes straight, slim fit, where the leg lies tight to  yuor body, and a boot  cut, where the leg goes wider from the knee, finally loose/comfort fit, which is basically a straight cut, just done wider. Jeggins, boy friend, etc are not really autonomous fits, they are parts of the fits I have already mentioned. Straight fit goes to everyone, theoretically, practically, there are always exceptions. Loose fit is good for those with the big legs, and skinny fot those with slim, however, that is only a theory. Make a critical look in the mirrrow before you buy them and use a common sence.
Happy jeans day everyone!