Some handy rules for those, who not only loves but also wears white:

1) White doesn’t require much make up, just fresh yourself up, put on some mascara and rouge, don’t forget a lively hair to it

2) Do not wear white underwear under white, it is well seen. Find a nude tone underwear, which is as similar to your skin tone, as it is possible. 

3) Not every white is the same white, there different variations. Strong white goes the best to the dark skin, rouge and soft milk white goes good to lighter skin tones.

4) Don’t wear sparkling, pailletten jewelry to white.. Leave this to brides. Silver and gold looks very elegant.

5) White is very easy to combine, as it goes to everything. However, in combination with different colors, it creates very different looks. White with creame and nude (a la Chanel) looks noble and rich, white and black is mostly associated with business dress code or a black tie event. 

6) Even though I don’t see a big deal if white is transparent, it is not always smart to buy it, as it is only appropriate when going out. To proof how transparent your white piece is, put it against a daylight and slip your hand inside, this way you see, how much can be seen.

7) What to cover a white with? Light trenches, in all possible colors, denim jackets, cotton, linen or silk. White outfit together with a leather is something I question.. It of course depends of the leather and outfit, but generally, I am not  a fan.

8) Head to toe in white is a big trend this summer. Look at the SS12 Givenchy, Hermes, Chanel, Celine, Louis Vuitton or Stella McCartney’s runways, and make sure you have your perfect white outfit!