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P.S. If you are going out not only for the sake of going out, but you also make a little show out of this act (like I do), then this advices from ADR will be heplful:

1. No DRESS-CODE! But Get a LOOK!

2. Emphasizes your shape, if it’s a DISCO party, it’s all about BODY LANGUAGE.

3. Go very LIGHT! Leave home coat, scarf, and bulky bags: no LAYERS are admitted!

4. No wearing STOCKINGS! Bare legs are more sexy and irresistible. Spray on AIRBRUSH LEGS and you will get silky and smooth skin in an instant.

5. Of course you can wear BLACK, but you will disappear in the darkness.

6. Absolutely HIGH-HEELS: otherwise you will disappear in the crowd.

7. LONG dress is permitted but you will clean all the dance floor.

8. From the waist up is very important: get an extravagant, strong MAKE-UP, get fresh and smelling HAIR.

9. Hands free, no clutch, no phones,  no cigarettes: HANDS UP!

10. Enjoy the DANCE!