I have recently expressed my strong disbilieve in H&M Luxury..link  A topic many people wrote millions of times.. And I am not the only one, here is a comment to the article I find so good that I share it:

From lovelyritablog (link): Totally spot on! I can’t help laughing when one of my friends goes ‘i’m gonna wear my Lanvin” Sorry, your what? love, you don’t have a Lanvin, you have an H&M, probably designed by some intern at Lanvin, made in a factory who knows where with H&M quality, and you get that after spending like 20 times more than what an H&M dress really costs and queing for hours to fight with 300 hundred more people for a piece of that ‘luxury’ collection. I’m sorry, but i rather spend that time and money in searching in a proper vintage shop for a vintage piece with all the real luxury qualities of Lanvin. Luxury is not just the label, it’s much more than that.

I am not going to come back to criticisms again, enough said, just wanted to share good thoughts with you.