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Mritting one of the latest posts about white wear I could not omit it to write about it’s magesty mr. Black color.

Some say that in fact black, is absence of a color, some say, it is where is all started. For me, black is the color king. In our western fashion world, black is considered as a powerful, trnedy and sexy color, always in, always appropriate.

Black is a color of academics, as they always have black robes, it is  a color of a black tie dress code, which came from a balck tuxedo, color of lawyers and judges, muslim woman in the end.

Statistically, 48% of our wardrobes are in a black color, my would be 65 percent.

It is said, that black is not really a color in summer time, I disagree. It depends on many factors.

Tips for Wearing Black in Spring

Fabric is important. Everything heavy, like velvet or wool is bad! I would also leave out silk, as it looks likfe evening wear. Linen, cotton, viscosa and mixes are good. And no, no polyester!

Tone is important. There are many tones of black, from deep to nearly charcoral. I dont like light tones of black in summer, in the sun, it looks like it has been washed out.

Skin tone plays a big role. If you are still pale, or your are always pale, then it is the best to avoid black open tops in summer.

– No one says that you should only wear black with black, add color, make your look exciting for the eyes! Shoes, jewellery, belts, light scarfs and hair accessories!

– Try to add peep toe shoes, with a blight nails, it freshes up the outfit, and makes your look summerly. Also, watch for your bag.. Probably leave that sick black leather bag at home.. Straw summer bags in color is a good alternative

– Lace is very nice and summerly stuff, but if you wear it black, double check whether this piece in balck, is suitable as a day wear. It also applyes to the rest of black wear. In winter, you can make it, but in summer, you might get wierd looks

– Summer is a hard time to hide your body imperfections (we all have those), so use black color as your partner on those areas.

Make up will complete your look, but be modest, it is hot, we sweat, we all! sweat, and it looks nasty. Emphasise nails and lips.

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