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 Bottega Venete announced that it now also has a service, which would stamp two random letters to your bag. Called bag personalisation. You can do it on four sorts of leather and can choose between eight colors. Louis Vuitton among others also have this service.

Personalisation is another way to say, “Hey I also have money to buy it, but I also have time and need to bother and stamp letters on it”. Nowadays you can get your initials on your car nubmer shield, on your suit, jeans have labels to write your name on it, so do nags for children. I had one, because back when we were 8 it was about finding your bag among 30 others and not about showing off. Well it is handy when we have a party, and six girls come over with six identical bags, then it is take us less time to see which is which.. Other than that, why would ruin it?

When walking around with AW on your bag, no one cares whether you are Anna Wintor, Amando Wood or just an Awesome Whore.. Majority would suggest the last though…. It is already good enough you have a pretty bag, no need to stamp yourself…