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                                        !IF U CAN DRIVE ONLY!

As a big auto fan and a big fashion fan I like to combine both. What can be cooler when a pretty girls drives a pretty car. Thinking about that I found this pretty shoot and came up with a list of fashionable accessories (it is all about accessories, because your outfit is a car) I realy need when I drive:

1. Gloves. All races have gloves, which is a bit unpractical when it is hot outside, who cares, I have a pair for that as well. I use fance Boss Orange in winter and short Karl Lagerfed’s in summer.

2. Sunglasses. Nothing is worse when you cannot drive because the sun light is blinding you. Therefore I also have two pair of driving sunglasses, big and dark Prada’s for summer and very light brown Boss Orange for winter.

3. Comfortable shoe wear. No, it should not be those special car loafers, not the most sexy shoe wear, to be fair.. But ladies 120mm Louboutins are pretty when you walk, no one sees them when you drive, so save your heels and dont be lazy to change. I never drive wearing high heels

4. Watch & Bracelets and other hand accessories. I am a bit of an hand/wrist fetishist. I love to have a watch, couple bracelets and I like see those on others. Taken into account that your wrists are practically the only thing which is good visible, you an make an accent on that.

5. Scarfs. Also a way to show off, specially when driving a cabrio, out it over your hair, bright lipstick and you are a queen on the road, but hey, only if you CAN drive!