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I guess summer is officially here. Time to loose those last killos from winter, pack away your fur (ahh), yur boots and warm cashmere, open up for light, bright, happy clothes. To be fair, I am not crazy about it. I don’t like summer.. Yes, i seriously don’t.. And now I probably have 100 followers fewer..Hah, well, I am aware of the fact, that most people love it. So I gotta comment on the topic. If still not sure which pieces you are missing, this photoshoot represnts it all. A list of summer clothes, your vacation capsule wardrobe.

Light blouses, with color, with short sleeves, without sleeves,  in all possible colors, the more, the better, avoid polyester though, as much as you can.

White trousers, the best are breathy, a bit wider in cut, not too tight, too tight looks vulgar, breathy look fresh and sexy.

Dresses, open back dresses, silk dresses, white dresses, colorful dresses, theme dresses.

Skirts, pensin, pleats, A-shapes, maxi and midi, not so often mini.

Flufy, parmuled hair, sunglasses, sandals and a big smile, summer is here!