I dont know about you, but by now, I am pretty bored and tired of VOGUE (ELLE) and it’s summer fashion. Hmm, yes I am.

Reason 1. I have seen all sorts of colors and color combinations, I cannot hear about color blocking anymore, neon, pastels, pleats, white on white, black on black, green on green…

Reason 2. Every time I open VOGUE or ELLE I feel like I have seen ALL those photoshoots… Didn’t they get more clothes, do you keep switching models using the same rack for every shoot? As it just looks like this: Prada Skirt, Prada Bag, Miu Miu Sunglasses, Jil Sander hat with a veil, Prada Shoes, Louis Vuitton see through nightmare bag…Miu Miu something… well that is it! I know all that clothes by now and I even have a feeling I wore, so often I see it.

Reason 3. Jil Sander beanie with a veil is cool, but leave it alone, you ruin the magic

Reason 4. New Fragrance from Roberto Cavalli is everywhere, I already said – it smells like a dill to me, it’s enough, we all know it’s out

Reason 5. Neon colors are already out, they were like 1 month long, and cut.. Stop wearing it people, it hurts my eyes now.

Reason 6. I have read so many articles about parfumes lately.. Why are you so obsessed? It is the best not to smell in summer at all.. It is hot, there is no air, and then you come into the room and smell of Prada Candy.. No, don’t!

Reason 7. Official Fragrance of SS12 (in Germany) is Chloe. You deffinately will find it’s picture or it mentioned as well.. I don’t know why, but it makes me sick when I smell it. Read reason 6.

Reason 8. I want more fashion, where is British and American fashion? Where is Dolce&Gabbana, where are those cruise collections??

Reason 9. What is with those blue nails and pink make up. Get a tan and stay natural, stop painting your face like an indian warrior!

Reason 10. I am very tired of constant H&M collaborations with everyone, creating everything.

Dear Editors! Prada SS12 Collection is very nice, very pretty and is worth attention, however, not a reason to sell your soul to it! Being not t the only one, you have to show some diversity, and yes, that Jil Sander beanie with a veil is amusing, I wear it as well, but get over it, it is not up to date anymore, fashionistas are bored! Get us some new information! Sincerely yours Runway Report.x