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Freja.. a model so ‘out of order’ , that she actually deserves to be become a member of my ”People who inspire, people we admire” rubric. Being one of the most famous, loved and succesful models of nowadays she still stays cool and very.. chilled.. I dont know if you have seen any video with her, and I suggest you do, if you havnt, but the way she holds and behaives is something I respect the most. Freja doesnt really look like she cares about what is going on around neither she looks like she makes an afford to woro in a model business, which in my oppinion is very proffesional.

She was discovered on the street while a fashion fotographer was passing by in a taxi. Well I think he is a genious if he managed to see her talant and her way. Since then she’s been walking for most famous big brands and has been a face of many campaigns, like Valentina Parfume (2012) and HUGO Campaign (SS12).

If you google models with tattos, famous tattooed models, etc. it is most likely her name will come up first (she’s got 16). I dont think any other famous model has so many ink under her as Freja. It is was also he strickt wish to keep all of them and do more when she signed a contract with a modeling agency. I, personaly, find most of them pretty, and you know what.. inspiring.. Especially two of them – serendipity is me and redemption are just gorgeous! Well it looks like I have already written enough..