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VOGUE Chine June

Just got back from my first beach holiday in this yeah, Nice-Monaco, just perfect in this time of the yeah. Of course this is one of those places, where you actually see those kind of bikinis life. But here is the thing, unlike photoshoot, it doesnt look so perfect. As firstly, most of them are coveting your body, which means you cannot get as brown as you would want to, so, I reckon, you gotta first tan somewhere without your mega cool bikini, and then boast in front of the others. Secondly, you do not really swim in those thinds, it is a shame, and then they weight so much, then you are most likely to sink.

Here are some tips for more down to eath people. Do wear make up, but only on your lips, I find lipstick in all red tones just perfect. Do not wear jewellery, except of those you never take off, I prefer emphasise sunglasses (do choose very cool ones, no boring standart stuff, something like what Oliver Peoples has brought this summer) and also a headwear, it can be a hat, I like to bind a bright eye catcing schall around my hair. Of course nails are catcher, and should be top looking. If it is not a sandy beach, like in Nice, consider wear something of your feet, otherwise you will look very awkward when walking (cause stones hurt).

Couple word for those travelling to south France: Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Cote d’azur, etc. It really is a place to take your best outfits to and think through what where and how you are going to wear, however, keep in mind, that it is also a place to keep it simple, and do not overdress. Keep it very clean chic during the day, sporty I would say, and chic feminine in the night. You might also take into account that even south France has lots of places, where it is better not to go, and deffo not full of jewellery. If you planning on visiting Casino in Monaco, you will be asked to wear black tie, even though, there are many tourist, men should absolutely wear a tie. Wherever you are this summer, wear sunscreen!