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Barcelona is an amazing city with breath taking shopping opportunities. Of course, all are mostly excited about Zara and Mango, since it is a home land of the brands, with endlessss floors of choice. You won’t believe me but I was the most excited about Primark. (Yes,  Germany doesn’t have it and I can only shop there when I go to London). God, I missed digging into the piles of t-shirts, those shoes for 5 euros and enormous lines at the cashier. So I took my time today and went shopping, well even though it was all for other people, it is still a fun thing to do (but only occasionally).

After visiting Zara I thought to myself again, that Zara is just an awesome example of how fashion business must be done. Being a trend setter and a trend getter, it produces quite an amount of its own design as well as copies of those we see on runways. I screemed of exctitement two month ago when it launched those Louis Vuitton flower cut tops and pointy shoes, Dolce&Gabbana lace bags and aka Chanel Tweed Jackets in colors. It regularly prints T-shirts with McQueen skulls and Union Jack Flack, a la Westwood. Well, yesterday I was very impressed that they also cought a trend with cats and created their own version of Victoria Beckham’s secondary line. My clients love those oversized cat prints and you gotta love those from Zara. Those dresses and tops are of course a bliss for those who know…

I found those “Prada’s” wedges and “Valentino” dress very pretty and worth having. 

Zara has showed its excellent production speed and knowledge in a trend for pastels and neon.  Not to mention that THAT leather tote bag appeared in every second fashion blog and was loved by many fashionistas right away. You can argue as much as you want if it is cool, if its quality is descent, but everyone shops there, people wearing real Louis Vuitton and Prada are also customers. I always say –

We all wear ZARA.