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I cannot talk about all VOGUEs of the world, I prefer to comment on the one I keep in my hands right now. THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE. Who hasnt heard this, the most famous of all issues, advertised and promoted by the film “The September Issue” where Mrs. Wintour and her team prepare the shoots day and night, where everyone is so intimidated by an opinion of one person, where fashion and the issue itself are actually quite secondary, it is al about drama and wishes of one person.

Anyhow, let me comment on the German September12 Issue.

Well, this issue looks more like a big fashion catalogue rather than a big fashion magazine, I wonder what Mrs. Wintour publishes in her 900 pages,  3 times more advertising?? Any exciting shoots?

Cashmere pullover: Equipment, Pencil Skirt:Tom Ford, Collier: Christophe Graber, Pumps: Alexander McQueen

Dress:Jean Claude Jitros

Transparent Blouse and Crocodile Leather Pumps: Alexander McQueen, Pencil Skirt: Bally

Dress and pumps from Alexander McQueen

Dress: La Perla

Dress: Carine Gilson, Sandals:Walter Steiger