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Look at those faces… Freja Beha, Kate Moss and Lana Del Rey.. Most popular and talked about figures these days. Only Adele is missing, would be interesting to see her as a campaign face..

Making a great commercial with an awesome design and  a beloved face is a safe tool to attract attention to the goods and boost sales. I see at least 5 posts every day about one of these campaigns. I am sure it would not be the case if it was just some other unknown model. This is a psychological trick. When you see Kate Moss wearing MANGO, then suddenly MANGO looks more exciting, and colors are brighter, and designs look better, and then Kate combines clothes into cool outfits.. So you strive to have couple of those pieces (or even more) from that collection.

Brads like GUCCI and PRADA, however, use the opposite practice, taking unknown models, so they don’t distract consumers with their personality, and consumer can concentrate on the design and product, which is of course much stronger quality, design and context wise than those from ZARA or MANGO. Look at the PRADA campaign,however, and  imagine it with Lana and Kate… For me it looks like some picture from a Gala evening, where girls wore some new outfits with extravagant prints… The whole flare of the campaign and a collection defining prints go missing..Lanvin took this strategy into account and decided to put an old and so much attractive women, looking at her I only want to concentrate on the outfit..

And now comes it to Louis Vuitton.. Well this brand is a big exception in many ways, there will be another post about it, but talking about the campaign, I wonder if is an exception as well.. They have combined people with mega strong personality, big achievements and advertising of a great product ? Moreover, LV did take unknown faces for their clothes campaign, as clothes is already eye catching enough.. Here, I can not doubt a personality of Mrs. Latynina and Mr.Phelps, so it leaves nothing else but doubting the product, i.e. big leather goods. Otherwise the whole campaign theory goes to hell.

Louis Vuitton has previously also featured Pelé, Diego Maradona, Mohammad Ali, Zinedine Zidane,André Agassi and Steffi Graf in their leather goods campaigns. All of the characters are better than the other one, even beloved Freja and Kate become just models next to them.

So here is my thought, is Louis Vuitton using the same campaign strategy as H&M, and what are the reasons??