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Deréon is a fashion line from Beyoncé Knowles.. Yes, she has her own fashion line.. Yeah, I also did not know that.. Somehow I missed it.. Nowadays every second public person does something with fashion, wether they have an idea or not..

Well, I gotta say there are couple good fashionable wearable pieces I would wear.. Actually all pieces are absolutely wearable and fashionable enough.. The current collection includes quite a bit of leather and leather patches, leopard print, ethno colors and prints, feminine dresses..

Now Dereon comes to Germany, or better to say, the shoes from Dereon come to Germany. JustFab.de has an exclusive right to sell them now. The sire itself has a very attractive offers and couple pretty styles. Flats and wedges from Beyonce can be bought at a price of 59euro, which I think is very reasonable. So now check two things out> Beyonce’s collection and JustFab.com (you can also find from Avril Lavigne).