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I havn’t been on the THE SARTORIALIST blog for a while and was really looking forward to new inspirations as the new season just started and all fashions weeks just ended…

So it’s a dress up time!

But well, looking through his last 6 pages of posting I have realized that I am starving for fashion, as I have not seen one inspirational outfit but I am sick of… Junkies… 60 per cent of the pictures posted were just junkies .. People with messy untidy hair, chaotic und ugly outfits.. Outfits which look like they have been worn by another 10 junkies before this one was captured by the camera…

And I mean, junkies have always been there, let them be.. But I have never seen such a strong promotion of their image. I have even gone to the THE SARTORIALIST archive, to October 2008 to see the difference. And you know what? There is a major difference, only one junkie there.  October 2013 is just a bunch of people who look either very normal-boring, or like they have been travelling in the same outfit for 4 days without a possibility for some fresh up. October 2008 is still a source for new ideas, here is my favorite (on the junkie background)..


It is a very smart commercial project within the fashion apparel world, based on getting maximum profit. Of course a creation of the junkie look requires less quality, it should look just shabby. This “shabby chic” bullshit.. It is easy to be and to follow. You can just wear some unmatching , dirty or old set of canvas, cannot even call it clothes, and the junkie image is complete.  It is also important to have a messy hair, insane tattoos. Sure it is naturally easier to have untidy hair, so following has never been easier.

The quality of the apparel goes down, no one is striving for some esthetic look, clean and elegant appearance.. This is also promoted by the advertisement and even high fashion.


These two look very fashionable, don’t they..?

The best high fashion end junkie promoter is Vivienne Westwood. Her SP14 show is the best example. Models with the dirt all over their bodies and even in the face…Image



This last lady in a crazy maxi skirt print reminds me of a homeless woman, who lives on the rubbish pile, 2 blocks away from my grandma’s house. I swear, her cluttered hair, skirt and an oversized blazer look just like this model.

But London is known for a junkie look. No, not because it is a fashion capital. Because life there is very tuff and expensive, and people travel in a dirty tube for hours daily. After couple years of such live, they just done care what they look like and some confused think they are fashion…


People, clean up your looks, stop abusing my esthetical world perception!