Chanel promotes Frenzy nails 559 – a la drowned woman trend


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I LOVE Chanel nail polishes, many of them are sensations, but I am sorry, why would I want my nails to look like those of a person who drowned.. And this in a winter season when we are all pail and white…

I am not doing this trend


Louis Vuitton copies a campaign strategy from H&M?!?


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Look at those faces… Freja Beha, Kate Moss and Lana Del Rey.. Most popular and talked about figures these days. Only Adele is missing, would be interesting to see her as a campaign face..

Making a great commercial with an awesome design and  a beloved face is a safe tool to attract attention to the goods and boost sales. I see at least 5 posts every day about one of these campaigns. I am sure it would not be the case if it was just some other unknown model. This is a psychological trick. When you see Kate Moss wearing MANGO, then suddenly MANGO looks more exciting, and colors are brighter, and designs look better, and then Kate combines clothes into cool outfits.. So you strive to have couple of those pieces (or even more) from that collection.

Brads like GUCCI and PRADA, however, use the opposite practice, taking unknown models, so they don’t distract consumers with their personality, and consumer can concentrate on the design and product, which is of course much stronger quality, design and context wise than those from ZARA or MANGO. Look at the PRADA campaign,however, and  imagine it with Lana and Kate… For me it looks like some picture from a Gala evening, where girls wore some new outfits with extravagant prints… The whole flare of the campaign and a collection defining prints go missing..Lanvin took this strategy into account and decided to put an old and so much attractive women, looking at her I only want to concentrate on the outfit..

And now comes it to Louis Vuitton.. Well this brand is a big exception in many ways, there will be another post about it, but talking about the campaign, I wonder if is an exception as well.. They have combined people with mega strong personality, big achievements and advertising of a great product ? Moreover, LV did take unknown faces for their clothes campaign, as clothes is already eye catching enough.. Here, I can not doubt a personality of Mrs. Latynina and Mr.Phelps, so it leaves nothing else but doubting the product, i.e. big leather goods. Otherwise the whole campaign theory goes to hell.

Louis Vuitton has previously also featured Pelé, Diego Maradona, Mohammad Ali, Zinedine Zidane,André Agassi and Steffi Graf in their leather goods campaigns. All of the characters are better than the other one, even beloved Freja and Kate become just models next to them.

So here is my thought, is Louis Vuitton using the same campaign strategy as H&M, and what are the reasons??

Louboutin’s Criminal Case


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Over 20.000 pairs of counterfeit Red Soles have been arrested by a Police of Los Angeles.  Louboutin shoes are constantly being copied by chinese cheap mass producers. Mr. Louboutin even claimed that Yves Saint Laurent has copied one of his models, which led to a court battle, as well as a claim against high street brand ZARA, which used red soles in one of the models. This case has been lost but a company continues its fights against counterfeits and copies.

Do you own and wear some?

Anna Wintour: You either know fashion or you don’t



Mentioning a September Issue so often these days it would be very unfair not to mention Mrs Wintour, a walking representation of a wearable and sane fashion. Have you watched this? You havn’t?!.. You should..

Changed your oppinion about Anna?
What about Karl Lagerfeld and Galliano?

About VOGUE itself maybe?

 You havn’t?.. You should..

VOGUE Speculations on the September Issue


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I cannot talk about all VOGUEs of the world, I prefer to comment on the one I keep in my hands right now. THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE. Who hasnt heard this, the most famous of all issues, advertised and promoted by the film “The September Issue” where Mrs. Wintour and her team prepare the shoots day and night, where everyone is so intimidated by an opinion of one person, where fashion and the issue itself are actually quite secondary, it is al about drama and wishes of one person.

Anyhow, let me comment on the German September12 Issue.

Well, this issue looks more like a big fashion catalogue rather than a big fashion magazine, I wonder what Mrs. Wintour publishes in her 900 pages,  3 times more advertising?? Any exciting shoots?

Cashmere pullover: Equipment, Pencil Skirt:Tom Ford, Collier: Christophe Graber, Pumps: Alexander McQueen

Dress:Jean Claude Jitros

Transparent Blouse and Crocodile Leather Pumps: Alexander McQueen, Pencil Skirt: Bally

Dress and pumps from Alexander McQueen

Dress: La Perla

Dress: Carine Gilson, Sandals:Walter Steiger


Style File Barcelona / lookbook of the day


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Amazing city of choices and variety, there is always going to be someone more fashionable, more weird or  more tattooed than you are… Have never seen so many people with so many tattoos in one place, or maybe it’s just summer and they are very visible… Taking randomly pictures of places you realize how many cool attention worth people are actually walking around, and no matter how extravagant you think you look, some next to you proves you wrong in a moment. City with a free spirit, no fashion limits, zero prejudice.. Barca <3. 


Runway Report: FW2o12: Tendances Nouvelles


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Looking at runways of Milan, NY, Paris and Berlin you unintentionally  plunge into the past. I constantly see those old images, ancient paintings, pictures from the history books and black and white film scenes. Thereby all tendencies listed are based on past times.


A variety of ideas and inspirations is breathtaking. Among those still life painting prints, 50th cuts, star wars outfits, architecture/mural decoration, wild furs and military looks. Marc Jacobs, PRADA, Balenciaga, Dolce&Gabanna have shown something very new, including extremely bizarre volumes, unexpected prints, oddly forgotten dandy nuances, feminine lines and styles.

Marc Jacobs used inspirations from 1920th, in his own Marc Jacobs as well as in Louis Vuitton collections. New, provocative, cosy but overly oversized silhouettes makes you wonder.. Specially seeing it next to the feminine, still life painting
inspired Baroque collection of Dolce&Gabanna, where flowers and fruits, together with gold and lace recreate looks you might only see in a history book.

PRADA could not resist it to be a high light of a season, after being a brand of key pieces in Summer 2012, it looks like it will continue to dominate most of the fashion shoots in Winter again. There is no runway report, which would not mention its prints. Well, I prefer to comment of a cut and shape, rather than colors, as it is not the prints only which made a collection so extraordinary, it is actually a cut and details, i.e. a feminine tie, which are not new, but definitely rare.

A military theme was very much highlighted in Milan. Italians introduced a whole variety of military inspired looks, combinations and pieces, which turned out to be very close to a real military uniform.
Just as close as Milan got to a military thematics, Balenciaga brought up some clear inspirations from space. Even though it is the most obvious brand which took an inspiration from the sky, it is not the only one, which makes it a new trend, something we have not had for quite some time.

feministic tie

A simple and common male accessory, interpret new creates a competition to a beloved scarfs and makes those pretty little things one of the key must haves in the coming winter – ties.

Missoni, Prada, Miu Miu

Star Wars

One of the future winter trends I call “Star wars”. Pretty excited wether someone else calls it like this and points it out. All you have to do is either wear a print with a cosmic grade, or anything which would remind a spacesuit in form. Balenciaga introduced jumpers 2 i 1, combining both. Chanel made most an accent on a cosmic like make up, and Lanvin worked it through shapes.

Lanvin, Balenciaga, Chanel

Wild ones

Might much of a trend, but rather a must have of a Fall Winter Season – Mr. Furs Looking especially wild and exotic this season. Without rules and guidelines, the furrier the better. Lanvin is unsurprisingly has shown quite an amount of choice and selection. Boss Black has a very decent choice for those who don’t feel like exaggerated wildness is not a priority.

BOSS Black, Mulberry, Fendi, Victor and Rolf, Gucci

Still life painting


If you are not so much into star wars, maybe still life painting prints will be more of your thing. Majorly pushed by Dolce&Gabanna and interpreted in all sorts of ways by others. Prints combining with fur creates a new look – Matreshka, as it looks very Russia inspired, introduced by Temperley London.


Valentino, Balmain, Dolce&Gabanna, Stella McCartney, Temperley London



As old as a world, but miraculously popular, in leather, in wool, in silk or cotton, as a top, a dress, a skirt, a coat… Definitely a must have a season, highly copied and offered by mass producers and brands.

Tory Burch, Lanvin, Burberry, Ellie Saab, Dior


Military Raid

If an idea of fashion being a main political mirror, then we should expect a martial law this winter. Otherwise how else can you explain such a strong military inspiration coming from Milan runway. Most credits go to Salvatore Ferragamo who took a leading place in a military raid. Is is Milan getting ready to war?

Viktor and Rolf, Temperley London, Salvatore Ferragamo, Rodarte, Ellie Saab


Maid Uniform

Maxi length, complete mysteriousness, new sexy. A look can be found in many shows, making it a new tendency.

P.S. Painting goes back to 1896, totally corresponds to the theme back to the past

Valentino, Donna Karan, Dolce&abanna

Lady Dandy

There is always a boy|girl story in every season. We all have ‘boyfriend’ pieces in a wardrobe. Smoking, ties, brogues and other male prerogatives have become a must already a while ago. Coming season is not an exception. From a classy strict american style to a modern english interpretation, a la Dandy, popular again, like in 1938.




Donna Karan, Giorgio Aramani, Hermes, Stella McCartney


Lady Babushka

By far the most extravagant and truly new look. Oversized, overplayed, over exaggerated, over dressed. Looks like an old babushka in a cold weather.. Big, layered, with a funny hat and a massive bag, whatever she carries there.. Brought to us by Marc Jacobs, which is easy enough to recognize after seeing his both shows for Louis Vuitton and his own Marc Jacobs. Look which pleasures the eye when seeing it in a fashion magazine, not so sure about seeing it life, unless on Anna Dello Russo..

Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs 


   It must be clear where the trends is coming from: like the rest of them, it comes from the past. Decorations on the wall, which highlighted a wealthy state and an exceptional taste of the owner.

Valentino, Balmain, Rodarte